Wonsten Group is a professional team and market leader manufacturer in China, who supply hydraulic pipe bending machine, cnc automatic pipe bending machine, manual tube bender, motorized pipe bender, induction pipe bending machine, pipe cutting machine and pipe end forming machine etc.


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To be closer to customers, Suzhou Wonsten have increased the range and quality of services, make use of the latest IT developments for WEB connection to further improve the efficiency of the service.


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ISO9001, CE Certificated, QC Team for quality controlled by heart, free spare parts and 2 years' warranty.


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We have a professional R & D team, can be customized according to customer demand for special equipment.


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How to solve the problem of angular error in square tube ben

In the field of pipe processing machinery industry, the main force of square tube bending machine product sales still relies on the hydraulic system as the core power unit of the machine. In the past 20 years, we have been continuously impr


What application areas are there in China after the automati

Chinas automatic feeding pipe bending machine technology started relatively late compared to foreign countries, but the development speed can be said to be very fast. Before the 1980s, in China, the blanking of plates was mainly based on ma


CNC tube bending machine quality first-class high-efficiency

It is understood that most of the pipe bending machines on the market are CNC products. The bending machines we generally refer to are CNC bending machines. This type of pipe bender dominates the market. Especially for automobiles, or for t