NC Pipe Bending Machine

NC Pipe Bending Machine

The semiautomatic pipe bender of our NC Pipe Bending Machine has hydraulic bending shaft, manual bending shaft and manual rotating shaft. The man-machin…


Product Feature

The semiautomatic pipe bender of our NC Pipe Bending Machine has hydraulic bending shaft, manual bending shaft and manual rotating shaft. The man-machine interface enables you to automatically enter information and walking mode. All hydraulic movements on clamping die, pressure die and mandrel, with high and reliable performance.

Product Description

The multi-layer storage box of our NC Pipe Bending Machine realizes the function to store the finished rebar after processing. The import control system is convenient and quick. It can set up continuous work tasks, can handle multiple angles in one cycle, and has a task storage function. The imported inverter is used to control the bending motor, which can adjust the bending speed, and control the accuracy of the bending angle through the encoder. Due to the high performance, it is available of high speed operation and there is no special need of maintaining.


Maxi. Diameter ×thickness mm Φ38×2 Φ50×3 Φ75×4 Φ89×5 Φ114×15
Maxi. Bending radius mm R260 R330 R400 R510 R650
Mini. Bending radius mm R15 R20 R30 R40 R90
Maxi. Bending angle 190° 190° 190° 190° 190°
Standard mandrel length mm 1600 2200 2800 3800 5500
Control system Microcomputer
Maxi. Bender numbers pcs 16 16 16 16 16
Parts in store pcs 16×16 16×16 16×16 16×16 16×16
Hydraulic motor power kw 4 5.5 7.5 11 18.5
Maxi. System pressure mpa 12 12 14 14 14
Hydraulic system control Solenoid valve
Contain capacity L 110 150 240 320 420
Size mm 2600× 600×1200 3000× 700×1300 3650× 1000×1400 4400× 1150×1400 7500× 1300×1450
Weight kg 750 1220 3500 4500 6500


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