Induction Pipe Bending Machine

Induction Pipe Bending Machine

Induction bending is a very efficient and precise bending technique using heat in order to bend tubes, pipes and sections. It takes over …


Induction bending is a very efficient and precise bending technique using heat in order to bend tubes, pipes and sections. It takes over where cold bending methods meet their limitations. The combination of speed, local heat and cooling allows for bending even bigger profiles.

Induction heating pipe bending machine uses intermediate frequency induction heating to bend the workpiece under the condition of local heating. Compared with the general cold pipe bending machine, it not only does not need a complete set of special mold, and the volume of the machine only accounts for the same specification of cold pipe bending machine 1/3 ~ 1/2.

The process of intermediate frequency bending is to cover the bending part of the steel tube with an induction ring, use a mechanical rotary arm to catch the pipe head, and pass a high-density if current into the induction ring to heat the steel tube. When the temperature of the steel tube rises to the plastic state, the steel tube is pushed forward by mechanical thrust at the back end of the steel tube for bending. Simple process flow: namely side heating, side pushing, side bending, side cooling, finish bending control.

The straight pipe or section is placed in the machine bed by guiding it through three coils that match the shape of the profile and by gripping one end of the profile in the bending arm. The bending arm is set to the required radius.

Once the profile is in position the copper heating coil heats up to the required temperature (up to 1,100ºC) and creates a circumferential heated zone. The two adjacent coils with nozzles are cooling the profile by blowing cold air and spraying water on the surface. As the heating coil reaches the required temperature, the profile is gently pushed through the coils. The swing arm moves along with the profile and bends it in the required radius and shapes it into a bend.


SizeTypeIF typeCylinder sizePLC available
6″YWG-159200KWID 140 OD168NO
8″YWG-219200KWID 140 OD168NO
12″YWG-325250KWID180 OD219YES
16″YWG-426350KWID180 OD219YES
20″YWG-530400KWID180 OD219YES
24″YWG-630500KWID200 OD245YES
28″YWG-720600KWID200 OD245YES
32″YWG-813800KWID220 OD273YES
36″YWG-914800KWID250 OD299YES
40″YWG-1020800KWID250 OD299YES
48″YWG-10201000KWID280 OD325YES
56″YWG-14201000KWID280 OD325YES
60″YWG-15201000KWID280 OD325YES
64″YWG-16201000KWID320 OD377YES


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