What protection measures should be taken in the work place of the pipe bender


The automatic pipe bender is suitable for installation and repair of pipelines in factories, warehouses, docks, buildings, railways, automobiles, etc. In addition to the pipe bending function, it can also be used as a separate hydraulic jacking machine by removing the pipe bending components (cylinders).

What should I pay attention to during the use of the pipe bender? The workplace should be fenced. Before operation, it should run without load first, and then set the mold to bend the pipe after confirming that it is normal. The pipe mold should be selected according to the processing pipe diameter, and should be placed in order. Do not add oil between the pipe and the pipe mold.

The parts should be clamped, and the guide plate support mechanism should be reversed in time according to the direction of the bend. During operation, non-operating and auxiliary personnel are not allowed to stay around the machine to watch. After the operation, the power supply should be cut off, the switch box should be locked, and routine maintenance should be done.

When the pipe bender is working, only by strictly abiding by the seven operating procedures of the pipe bender can the quality of the pipe bend and the safety of the work be ensured, and the maintenance of the machine is long-lasting.


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