What should be paid attention to in the transformation and use of energy-saving cold rolling mill


With the growth of demand in the iron and steel industry, the iron and steel industry is facing common problems such as overcapacity and environmental protection. Therefore, the adjustable precision cold rolling mill solves the application problems. The lamination, fixed hole shape and approximate quality in the prior art lie in the use of the long shaft assembly in the cold rolling mill. Therefore, in the structure meshing with the conical teeth of the eccentric sleeve assembly, The technical route of its regulating mechanism is suitable for promotion and manufacturing, and what practical problems should be paid attention to in use?
Nowadays, the cold rolling mill has the advantages of high processing efficiency. It is more convenient to check the connection between the cover and the shell, and it is more convenient to replace the hot rolling blade. When the pipeline is blocked, it is more convenient to deal with it, so as to promote energy-saving production in the iron and steel industry. Analyzing the application of energy-saving transformation in the hot rolling production line, energy consumption and energy-saving production line, the hot rolling plant must start from two aspects of technology and management, In order to save power and improve energy efficiency, the currently used cold rolling mill has a concave connector, which can be fixedly connected to the work roll, easy to assemble and disassemble, and easy to maintain the stability of the processing process.
Because the cold rolling mill is conducive to improving the accuracy of the equipment, limiting the rotation movement of the screw, easy to protect the screw and improve the service life, it has a certain feasibility. It brings better application prospects. The current practice shows that when the lubricating oil is very clean, that is, when the lubrication state of the bearing is the best, but the bearing is in the mixed friction state, on the contrary, the service life of the bearing will be reduced, Now it has the function of controlling the thickness of metal plate and automatically turning off the engine, so as to reduce losses and improve productivity.
Nowadays, the split structure is adopted to connect the two parts of the cold rolling mill structure, which can realize the rapid and accurate alignment between the support and the support. The advantage of the coupling cold rolling mill is that it can avoid the loss caused by seal damage. Therefore, the continuity of oil film is maintained and the lubrication effect is getting better and better. Therefore, if the precision bearing is selected, the cold rolling mill design and manufacture are improper, It will lead to uneven power and shorten the service life of the bearing.


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