How to better control and use the cold rolling mill equipment


This practical thin cold rolling mill can improve the quality of steel plate finish. It can reduce the friction of bearing, improve its service life, and effectively dissipate the heat of gear. It can also reduce the weight of protective shell, improve the resistance and sound insulation effect of protective shell, and provide a better perspective. In the automatic high-precision cold rolling thickness control technology, Foreign countries have reached a high level. How to control the use of equipment?
At present, China has made some achievements in this field, but there is still a gap compared with developed countries. Therefore, professional equipment manufacturers have studied the influence of oil film coil thickness, studied the corresponding method of cold compensation control of cold rolling mill according to the change of oil film relative thickness, and carried out theoretical research on thickness compensation control, According to the deviation between the actual reduction amount of the lead screw and the required reduction amount, the one-step reduction of the lead screw can be accurately and effectively adjusted, the roller pressing the upper roller to fix the screw can be reduced or eliminated, and the dimensional deviation of the spacing between the upper roller and the lower roller can be reduced or eliminated.
At present, the processing quality of the cold rolling mill is better and the performance is improved. In the research process, firstly, the influence of oil film thickness on the cold rolling thickness is put forward, and the correction formula of the manufacturer’s cold rolling mill is adjusted. It can be seen that the adjustment degree is very good. Now, the direction of the metal plate entering the rolling channel can be automatically adjusted to reduce labor and recover the coolant to improve the utilization rate, All rotating shafts are the same, and the flat surface of the produced metal plate is tight.
Lubrication device cold rolling mill equipped with skid nut can improve the stability of the device and adjust the height of the device during installation. It can not only affect the lubrication effect, but also filter the lubricating oil to prevent impurities from entering the equipment, reduce the accident rate, and provide better prospects for use. Now the cold rolling mill is provided for the personnel to use the larger measuring space. So that the personnel can accurately measure the space, so as to ensure the accurate positioning of the anti winding guide plate.


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