How to update the control part of cold rolling mill production to improve production efficiency


Today’s cold rolling mill equipment has been applied in the rolling process of iron and steel production line. Now, with the combination of in-situ measurement, the gap between the roll and the roller of the equipment has a certain failure rate, and the cold rolling mill is understood and affects the accuracy of the roll system. The separation of the press roll is stable in the normal range, which improves the accuracy of the press roll. After improvement, It can better control the shape of slab and greatly improve the rolling stability.
The new cold rolling mill control is characterized in that after the continuous casting of slab loaded in the heating furnace, the calculation results are sent to the automatic control system, and the configuration of cold rolling mill equipment, the finishing is completed within a predetermined time, and in the rolling process, the automatic thickness control adjusts the real-time thickness deviation according to the actual situation of production, It can be flexibly adjusted to control the front end of the winding, the thickness of the head and the tail of the cold rolling mill within the tolerance range, and reduce the damage to the roll below the tail end.
At present, it is understood that the problems in the lubrication system have seriously limited the production of steel strip in the production process of cold rolling mill. Through a series of equipment and control system improvements, it can not only completely solve the problem of backflow lubrication in the rolling process, save a lot of compressed air, reduce noise and controllable plate emulsion on the surface, and break the rolling performance, Production efficiency and product quality have realized the bottleneck of cold rolling standardization of rolling production line.
The new finishing guide equipment belongs to the technical field of finishing rolling guide, including the guide body used to support the finishing frame. At present, it is understood that the problems existing in the lubrication system in the production process of cold rolling mill seriously restrict the production of steel strip. Through a series of improvements to the equipment and control system, the lubrication can not only be completely decomposed in the rolling process, The backflow problem can save a lot of compressed air, reduce noise, control the lubrication marks on the plate surface, break the bottleneck affecting rolling performance, production efficiency and product quality, in order to realize the normalization of cold rolling production.


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