Effect of hot rolling mill and cold rolling mill in use


Now, the cleaning of the strip is improved by using the cleaning device to clean the impurities attached to the strip before receiving the materials, which is beneficial for further treatment. Now, the cooling water pipe is allowed to be used in combination with the mill cover plate, which has synchronous operation, good reliability and greatly improves the production efficiency. Therefore, in the hot rolling process, the steel strip is made of cold rolling mill and hot rolling mill, The upper transverse roller moves through the upper transverse mechanism and the lower transverse mechanism passes through. Therefore, how to understand the use effect of the equipment?
Because the rolling mill moves the lower cross roll to change the overlap of the upper cross roll and the lower cross roll to adapt to the width of different laminates, so as to reduce the damaged contact area of the upper work roll and the lower work roll, so as to balance the tension of the upper and lower cross rolls of the cross roll, significantly improve the application scope of the cold rolling mill and improve the quality of rolled products, the thin rolling mill provided today, It can prevent the collision and wear caused by the rigid connection between the side plate and the guide device, and has a very effective improvement effect on reducing the scratch in the processing process, so as to reduce the production of rolled parts.
To sum up, the workpiece is heated for rolling several times, then cut on the steel plate, and then the cold rolled steel coil is used as the material cousin. After taking down the scale, it is used for the cold rolling mill for cold treatment. The stability cover plate of the mill thickness guide device provided today is not reduced. On this premise, it is more convenient to disassemble. Today’s roll mill is fully automatic and easy to use, The production efficiency is effectively improved and the manufacturing cost of metal wire is reduced.
At present, the rolling mill avoids the slagging of the servo valve, improves the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil in the pipeline, reduces the residue, improves the service life of the servo valve and the depressed cylinder. For simplicity, the cold rolling technology is treated on the basis of the hot rolled coil, in which the dynamic change of the cold rolling vibration displacement of the roll in the vertical direction is considered, and the ideal service effect is achieved, Become the key equipment users choose to use.


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