How to improve the accuracy and efficiency of cold rolling mill control


With the continuous innovation of technology, the shape of hot working roll mill has been applied to the hot rolling of many production lines to control the shape of strip steel. CNC mill has a high degree of automation and high production efficiency. In a wide range of practical applications, the combination of work roll support roll has the problem of uneven wear and even separation roll failure, whether it is flat roll or roll form, The main reason is the pressure concentration and the improvement of the structure of the work roll. How to improve the accuracy of the equipment?
Now it relates to the technical field of steel plate finishing equipment. The currently provided thin cover at the sealing end of the cold rolling mill improves its service life. The device can effectively improve the sealing effect of the roll bending hydraulic cylinder, reduce oil leakage, reduce oil consumption time, shut down, increase the protection of the end of the piston rod and prolong the service life of the piston rod, Now it has the effect of improving production efficiency when carrying out automatic plane feed mill. The blank principle of this roller is completely different from that of conventional roller. It can not only effectively improve blank efficiency and reduce material waste, but also reliably ensure the consistency of blank.
In order to solve this problem, the form of pressure compensated support roller and work roller structure are designed and applied in the form of roller compensating variable contact and recoil force. The form of roller is to change the roller contact force, that is, it can be used in combination with the work roller configuration and the best advantages in use to balance the support roller, The contact state between work roll and support roll and the problem of stripping roll solve the application and effectively improve the quality.
At present, it belongs to the processing and production technology field of casting aluminum plate mill, especially the servo spraying device for casting aluminum plate cold rolling mill. It includes servo motor main body, and the sliding spray block is arranged on the spray guide rail, which effectively improves the uniformity of the spray in the device, and effectively prevents the sticking phenomenon between the aluminum liquid and the aluminum liquid, and effectively improves the spray efficiency of the roller.


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