How to repair and use after cold rolling mill failure


The current roller cleaning device of the cold rolling mill can prevent the deterioration of the working environment caused by iron filings. In the production process of different fields, due to the harsh environment during the operation of the cold rolling mill, the water-cooled laminate will quickly deteriorate during the operation process. The billet atomization and high impact force cause different degrees of corrosion and wear of the roller frame, which exceed the limit of the treatment phenomenon and affect the shape of the plate. This has a significant impact on the quality of the product. How to repair and use the equipment when the equipment fails?

At present, complete monitoring and automatic rolling control are carried out on the materials of the assembly line, which improves product quality and product competitiveness. The width control and the control of the head and tail shape of the rough intermediate plate improve the accuracy of the width control. The thickness is precisely controlled and the deviation is small. It can adapt to the production of high-strength varieties and the development of new products. Most cold-rolled arcs are made of ordinary steel cast iron. During long-term use, the surface of the window is prone to corrosion and wear. As a result, the working conditions deteriorate. After a period of use, the arc surface will be corroded and worn.

The cold rolling mill can not only unroll the blanks continuously, which greatly improves the efficiency of the blanks, but also rolls from the middle to the two sides, and simultaneously unfolds the two blanks and extends the material from the middle to the middle sides, effectively reducing material waste and reliably ensuring the blanks Consistency, so that the subsequent processing can proceed smoothly. Taking into account the sensitivity of the cold cold rolling mill to the stiffness, multiple processing may have an adverse effect on the strength and stiffness of the arc.

It is now used in polymer compounds to solve the problem of wear. The new cold rolling mill has the advantages of synchronous centering, no vertical centerline shift, high frame strength, and simple installation and debugging. It can be used for large-scale cross-roller forming, small and medium-sized parts, and it It can run for a long time without falling. The product itself has extremely high compressive strength. The unique polymer structure makes the material have good impact resistance. The product has good performance and corrosion resistance.


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