Specific mastery of vibration characteristics of hot rolling mill


In order to test the abnormal vibration of the hot rolling mill in the processing plant, according to the field vibration data signal measured by the controller and the finite element grasp of the rolling mill, according to the development of finite element simulation technology and according to the specific vibration and friction, the driving system software of the main rolling mill and finite element solid model, as well as the main vibration mechanism and pulse rolling mill have no response to the current, When the main drive is cold rolled, there is abnormal torsional vibration at the appropriate position, and the vibration in the left and right directions of the structure is relatively serious.
At present, the research results are consistent with the main frequency of CPU in practice, the measured data signal is accurate, and can clearly display the abnormal vibration frequency caused by turning, which provides theoretical significance for formulating vibration control countermeasures. When considering the vibration of the rolling system software of tandem cold rolling multilayer plate, the interaction and variation law of longitudinal and transverse cold rolling force are introduced, and the concept of dynamic cold rolling force is introduced. Considering the vibration reduction of the discrete system in the rolling process, the rolling roll, bending stiffness and external excitation of the discrete system are established, and the coupled vibration solid model of the discrete system of the cold rolling mill is established, Dynamic and phase frequency characteristics of coupled vibration system software for multi limit processing.
Through practical application, it is confirmed that when the discrete system of rolling mill has high bending stiffness and external application, the damage of system software amplitude is significant, and there are two common areas where earthquakes are accompanied by rebound. At present, the dynamic individual behavior of the discrete system coupling system software can be predicted and analyzed according to the changes of the main parameters of the opening, and the basic theory of discrete system is used to master and verify the chaotic characteristics of the system software, generate random points of individual behavior, and reduce and prevent the common impact of the discrete system coupling system software.
Now it is applied to the improvement of mechanical equipment. First adjust the distance between the upper and lower rolls, then change the diameter of steel parts, and then adjust the radial part of the upper and lower rolls according to the radial adjustment of mechanical equipment. Replace the parts with workpieces for solution and test tester, master the speed of steel parts, and combine the cold rolling force and rebound type according to the average value of the rolling mill to measure the adjustment of indoor space between rolls in real time, Ensure the accuracy of thickness.


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