Overall design of humidifying parts in cold rolling mill operation


At present, abnormal conditions often occur in the operation of high and low voltage motor cold rolling mill system software, which will pose a potential safety hazard to the safe operation of mechanical equipment. The key is to grasp the causes of the failure of the high and low pressure intake system, plan the overall technical system software update and transformation of the diesel engine intake system, reduce the shutdown time and various performance indexes according to the application regulations, existing problems and needs, clarify the key driving force of the intake system roller press and equipment in production and processing, and discuss the treatment methods of the weak links of the machine and equipment.
According to the master of the overall design and multi-functional characteristics of the main diesel engine, the primary conditions for the smooth operation of the main diesel engine are put forward, and the corresponding countermeasures are formulated to improve the operation characteristics of the equipment lifting system software of the engine. The bearing force of rolling bearing is a key parameter endangering the reliability of cold rolling. Master grading action and support force adjustment standard. The deformation of thick plate is aimed at the sound card frame. With the gradual improvement of intermediate support index, the reliability of cold rolling mill is significantly improved, and the frequency of software safety accidents of cold rolling mill system is significantly reduced.
The failure causes of reversible main motor are understood. Combined with the solution of common faults of motor slip ring, the measurement method of conversion accuracy is clearly put forward, the use method of anchor rod and raw materials is improved, and the production and processing accuracy of collector ring is improved. In the whole process of collector ring installation, the improved module runs well according to the roll distance of the cold rolling mill under the same rotating power standard and the same basic principle. It is suggested to adjust the load at all places, and put forward the thickness control method of single support hot cold rolling mill, so that the last two roll forces are equivalent to the dynamic effect in the middle of the roll gap before the roll gap is engaged.
Through the close combination of theoretical research, the repair scheme of rolling bearing is formulated and implemented, and good practical results are obtained. High torque cold rolling mill can be considered for universal shaft produced at this stage. Now, we have mastered the characteristics and conditions of mechanical equipment and updated the software of the cold rolling mill solution system for stainless steel plate production and processing. Because the basic concept and core technology are related to the automatic control system, it is suitable for the selection of soft starter. The implementation process of the whole system software update and transformation and relevant economic data, and the actual application effect exceeds the ideal regulations.


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