Installation and application of clean discharge device in a part of cold rolling mill


Through the equipment application of profile steel production line, the cold rolling mill has become an important kind of equipment. In the process of equipment application, when the principle of cold rolling mill and the operation process of extraction equipment are used, the problem of eliminating the vertical roll of steel production line is fundamentally solved. Now the cold rolling mill involves a cleaning equipment with main body, purification filter, and its general wheel is set at the bottom of the box, The two opposite side walls of the main body are respectively provided with devices for sliding near the lower position from the box.
The application device is arranged on the bottom surface of the box, and the positions of the two ribs are different in height, and the ribs of the filter are placed on the two ribs together, and the electric filtering equipment is placed in an inclined state. The supplied steam is connected with the external steam through the pipe control valve, the waste water is discharged on the lower side of the tank, and connected to the waste water treatment tank through the waste water discharge pipe, The utility model relates to the field of metallurgical equipment, including a base for placing the cold rolling mill, the positioning of the base block and the driving side provides a grinding mill, and the adjacent side of the upper side is arranged on the carrier base.
Nowadays, when the running speed of the new cold rolling mill is increased, the bite impact stability and rolling tension have changed. In practical use, the traditional heat of the cold rolling mill and its impact on the product quality have defects. From the defect solution, the structure with side guidance and design characteristics has been combined, and the defects of side inlet guidance have been technically improved, It solves the problems of edge defects and alignment, improves the accuracy and rolling stability in the production process of steel strip.
Nowadays, there are many different problems in the application of cold rolling mill. Users can understand and judge according to the actual situation, so as to effectively solve the actual problems. Due to the large variety of cold rolling mill equipment, many different situations will appear in the process of use, so the equipment should be handled timely and effectively according to the actual situation, Only in this way can we meet the actual production and use needs.


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