Rational use and operation of the control system on the hot rolling mill


At present, there are many kinds of hot rolling mill equipment and a wide range of uses. hot rolling mills can also be used to remove moisture from fabrics. The hot rolling mill comprises a roll body with roll shafts at both ends. The new hot rolling mill is characterized in that the roll body is a cylindrical cavity, and the cavity wall is evenly provided with ventilation holes. In use, the drum body is connected with the vacuum pump through conduit and gasket, and the drum laminating machine is used for curing fabric and liquid. Remove moisture and reduce production cost.
In the new oil proof cleaning equipment for the lower surface of the hot rolling mill, the frame includes legs on both sides, an upper cover plate, a cover plate supporting the cover plate and a guide plate. An aluminum strip is placed horizontally between the legs under the cover plate, the guide plate is provided with two strip holes along its width direction, the two strip holes are symmetrically arranged with the center line of the guide plate, and the two air ducts are respectively arranged in the air duct along the direction of the guide plate.
The two air injection ports extend into the strip holes respectively. The two air pipes move along the direction of the plate through the driving mechanism. The movement direction of the two air pipes is opposite. The air inlet is set at the inlet end of the pipe. The simple equipment structure can completely discharge the oil on the end face. After annealing, the edge of the aluminum strip can be avoided, and the difference of edge color can improve the integrity of the aluminum strip. New rough rolling and hot rolling control methods to improve the conveying speed and eliminate the moisture of the existing slab.
In the existing hot rolling process of hot rolling mill, the slab in the raw mill slides and the slab cannot be blocked normally, so as to solve the problem of normal productivity. When the roughing mill is blocked, the rapid reaction of slab is avoided, the accidents of slab production and slab withdrawal are avoided, and the technical effect of production efficiency is improved. Now, the provided inclination adjustment and equipment method can prevent belt deviation or even fracture caused by excessive tension deviation.


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