How to improve the application range and actual efficiency of cold rolling mill


At present, to ensure that the vertical centerline of the cold rolling mill is fixed, the radial pressure device is set on the frame, and the distance between the rollers in the two rollers is adjusted by rotating the nut. The cold rolling mill can not only save space, but also the length of the action line, but also realize the high-precision adjustment of the swing angle. At present, it has ingenious design, convenient roll change, and the vertical centerline of the cold rolling mill is fixed, How is the equipment suitable for the production and use of large-diameter materials?
Now it involves the independent transmission of multi speed ratio cold rolling mill, which belongs to the field of metallurgical equipment. The independent transmission of multi speed ratio cold rolling mill optimizes the structure of the equipment, improves the production flexibility while meeting the requirements of high-speed wire rod rolling, and is conducive to the manufacture of wire rod and high-speed temperature control bearing. In the operation and use of the equipment cold rolling mill, the higher the working temperature of mechanical equipment, The lower the value of load capacity, the lower the service life of the bearing. Now, the operation side of the frame roll body is improved, and the transmission side is interchangeable. The casting roll can be used twice, which reduces the cost of spare parts and stably handles the original rolling equipment.
The new cold cold rolling mill cold rolls the steel plate for many times to control the precision of cold rolling and improve the rolling efficiency. The equipment is equipped with cooling cleaning equipment and temperature detector. The alarm can detect the temperature of the rolled steel plate, so as to make the spraying system water-cooled and improve the quality of steel plate lamination. At the same time, the purification and filtration device is used to recycle the cooling wastewater, In order to reduce the non-metallic inclusions in steel, effective casting methods must be used. Although it will increase the bearing life, the cost of steel is too high.
Therefore, in the process of use, the cold rolling mill will also produce internal stress, including destructive defects on the working surface of the bearing. Usually due to external factors, this may also lead to changes in the residual stress on the material surface. These additional residual stresses on the material surface are normal stress and undergo normal cold and heat treatment.


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