What functions and characteristics does the new cold rolling mill have


The cold rolling mill used today reduces the small size range of the existing cold rolling mill in the prior art. In addition, it is impossible to know whether there is sliding friction between the roll and the workpiece, which will affect the technical quality of the workpiece. With the rapid development of modern industrial technology and the automation of production process, higher requirements are put forward for the dimensional accuracy and the performance of belt specification, The sheet cold rolling mill solves the existing problems. Therefore, what performance does the cold rolling mill equipment have?
In order to respond to the requirements of heavy machinery production and processing companies, a new thermal control process cold rolling mill is adopted to improve the quality of hot rolled products. This practical working coil cooling system cold rolling mill belongs to the field of cooling equipment, which solves the problem of automatic shutdown or fire of cold rolling mill due to high working roll temperature, and reduces the number of shutdown and shaft replacement, The production efficiency of aluminum foil laminate is improved, the working principle of the mathematical model of fine cold rolling mill is established, the mathematical model of fine cold rolling mill is reasonably simplified, and the nonlinear factors are considered in detail.
In practice, modern simulation technology and calculation software are fully used, and the dynamic structure diagram in the software is used for system simulation. On the basis of considering several factors affecting cold rolling, the current structure is simple, which can reduce equipment investment and simplify equipment structure. In addition, the current lamination process can use larger feed angle and larger lamination revolutions, Thus, the lamination speed is fast, and the lamination life and production efficiency are effectively improved. At present, a plurality of circular protrusions are also used on the outer surface of uniform section, and the friction is reduced and can be effectively separated from the workpiece.
Nowadays, the cold rolling mill has the advantages of rubber pad, guide plate and cold rolling wheel. It can adapt to the reinforcement of various diameters, facilitate the entry of reinforcement, and can be cooled for many times. It has good cold rolling effect, is convenient for market promotion and application, reduces the rolling failure of looper roll, improves the lamination failure, and has high lamination efficiency, Therefore, the research on hot rolling process has important theoretical significance and practical engineering application value.


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