How to operate the cleaning parts on the cold rolling mill production line


  At present, the cold rolling mill equipment used by processing enterprises can fully meet the actual use. At the same time, the new cold rolling mill includes a roller table and a transmission box arranged on both sides of the roller table. At least the converter is equipped with exhaust equipment for rolling as above, which can completely cover the surface of oxide or strip and has little effect on the rolling process. Combined with the existing compound equipment of tandem cold rolling, arrange the process equipment, and understand the configuration and hardware control function of the automation system.
  Now the new cold rolling mill has superior performance. The fixed base comprises a base and a card group, the side between the base and the cover is hinged through a hinge shaft, and the side between the base and the cover is connected through expansion bolts and nuts. The end of the oil film bearing is fixed between the base of the card and the cover. The shaft head of the cold rolling mill is a double lip sealing structure with a sealing ring and a lower seal. The slip ring comprises a connecting piece and a sealing ring horseshoe, which is an inclined part. The seal is arranged by the inclined connecting ring part of the connecting flange, the horseshoe part is arranged at the corner, and the lower horseshoe ring is inclined for sealing.
  The new bearing and cold rolling mill bearing equipment are provided with at least two groups of bearings on the spindle, the bearing includes the bearing body, the bearing includes the inner ring of the bearing and the outer ring of the bearing, and the axial end of the bearing inner ring is provided with an axial retaining ring suitable for restriction. Axial roller, the surface of the axial end of the bearing outer ring is provided with a rolling element, the rolling element includes the peripheral direction of the bearing outer ring, and the outer bearing ring is arranged through the rolling element, which has good axial combined load and advantages.
  At present, the software is used to calculate the setting of the cold rolling mill, the vibration model is established on the basis of theory, and the natural frequency and corresponding main vibration mode of the system are understood. The vertical vibration of the field verification test platform shows that the model has the advantages of high accuracy of vertical vibration system, and the previous understanding results provide a certain basis and theoretical basis for modern dynamic design, vibration reduction and other problems.


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