How to understand the functional advantages and key points of application of cold rolling mill


At present, the popularization and application of the new cold rolling mill includes two end covers and multiple columns, of which two end covers are evenly distributed between multiple columns, the rollers are arranged between two adjacent columns, and both ends of the columns are fixedly connected by two end covers. Therefore, since the two ends of the strut are connected and fixed on the two end caps, the rotation cycle of the roll not connected with the roll is offset. The friction between the two ends of the column and the two sides of the end cover is avoided.
Through friction, we can prevent the lack of oil in the roll position caused by heat, effectively prolong the service life of the roll and prevent the cracking of the roll sleeve. Now we have a detailed understanding of the whole process of the control function of the medium and heavy plate plant and the automatic cold rolling mill. The automatic control and manual control of rolling process are compared comprehensively, and the practical key points of automatic rolling function are summarized. This function realizes two-level calculation. The machine system, as well as the reasonable distribution and coordination process between the basic automation and control system of the whole system, fully realize the automatic control function, such as on-site automatic balance control function, and improve the automatic control level of cycloid.
At present, the finishing mill of the new finishing mill includes a finishing mill frame, a plurality of idlers and work rolls, which are set in the finishing mill frame, and then a segmented bending roll is set on the finishing mill frame. It is arranged on one side of the operation roll and the backup roll. The roll of the new finishing mill provides the flat roll support of the convex roll, improves the shape control of the material cold rolling, improves the convexity and improvement degree of the steel plate, and controls the quality of the finished steel plate.
Due to the strong coupling of the lamination machine in the hydraulic servo position of the system, it is difficult to establish the accurate mathematical model of the system and the model free adaptive control algorithm applied to the hydraulic servo position of the cold rolling mill. The algorithm only uses the controlled system, and the controller design can be completed through the on-line or off-line data of the switch.


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