Setting and effectiveness of a new water treatment cooling system for cold rolling mill


With the rapid development of domestic industry, the production requirements of processing enterprises are higher and higher. Many production equipment will be used in the production process of the factory. The most important is cold rolling mill equipment. During operation, attention must be paid to the water treatment system. The optimization of performance ensures the utilization efficiency of cold rolling mill equipment. Now we mainly understand the functional design and application of cold rolling mill water treatment control system including cold rolling mill. The equipment can provide useful ideas for the actual design of the system.
In today’s cold rolling equipment, both ends of the roll shaft are installed in the bearing, so the interior of the cold rolling mill is hollow. There is a drainage channel on the left side of the roll shaft, and a drainage channel on the right end of the roll shaft for communication. The roll shaft is provided with a suction pipe connected with the drainage hole, and one end of the suction pipe is connected with the drum shaft, A mixing mechanism for water circulation and cooling in the cold rolling mill through cold connection is arranged inside the roll shaft. A mixing mechanism is designed in the cold rolling mill to provide relatively effective cooling for the cold rolling mill, which is worthy of popularization.
The new cold rolling mill processing equipment has excellent performance. It mainly includes cylinder and cutting rod. The end of the upper surface of the bottom plate is provided with a hinge, the other end of the upper surface of the bottom plate is provided with a cylinder block, one end of the rod is connected with the hinge, the other end of the main body of the rod is provided with a right angle curve, one end of the cylinder block is connected with the cylinder block, and one end is connected with the cylinder block and the cylinder piston. The central part of the rod corresponds to the connecting rod through the hinge and the material axis.
Nowadays, many problems in production have been effectively solved. At present, the cold rolling mill is mainly used to deal with a large amount of water vapor and dust discharged from the top of the friction machine frame, so as to maximize the dust removal efficiency of the system, remove clean and excessive water vapor and dust, strictly control the problems in the process of use, and effectively solve the problems and scattered equipment.


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