What is the service life of cold rolling mill related to?


In the operation and use of cold rolling mill equipment, the higher the working temperature of mechanical equipment, the lower the value of load capacity, the shorter the service life of bearing, the relationship between the hardness of bearing material and the service life of bearing, and the influence of the hardness of bearing working surface material on the service life of bearing is mainly reflected in the reduction of the rated dynamic load value of bearing, The hardness of the surface of the bearing parts usually meets the standard. If the hardness of the material surface of the bearing parts is lower than the previous range, the nominal dynamic load number tends to be downward.
The relationship between service life in cold rolling mill operation is affected by the contact fatigue of non-metallic inclusions in steel strip. Oxide inclusions and material matrix under metal surface layer are easy to produce fatigue cracks under the action of external and AC voltage. The more non-metallic inclusions in steel, the lower the fatigue life of bearing. In order to reduce non-metallic inclusions in steel, Effective casting methods must be used. Although the fatigue life of bearings is improved, the cost of steel is too high.
Therefore, for important bearing materials, vacuum removal or vacuum degassing and steel refining are usually used. The bearing life is sufficient to meet the performance requirements of users. The relationship between the residual tension on the surface of bearing materials and the service life of bearings. In the process of heat treatment, if the bearing parts are not handled properly, large thermal stress will be generated. If the cooling process is insufficient or the rolling amount is too large, Rolling also occurs. When the bearing is matched with the shaft shell, the tension is cut off and the interference is too large,
In the use of cold rolling mill, internal stress may also occur, including destructive defects in the working surface of bearing, which may also lead to changes in the residual stress on the material surface. Generally, these additional residual stresses on the material surface caused by external factors are normal stress and undergo normal cold heating treatment.


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