What kind of working process does the cold rolling mill have


With the rapid development of modern industrial technology and the automation of production process, higher requirements are put forward for the dimensional accuracy and performance of strip profile specification. Finishing mill is a finished mill and the core part of hot strip production. The quality level of rolled products mainly depends on the level of technical equipment and the control level of finishing mill, Therefore, the research on the hot rolling process of hot rolling mill has important theoretical significance and practical engineering application value.
In order to respond to some domestic heavy machinery production and processing enterprises, in the control process of the new hot rolling mill, in order to improve the quality of hot rolling products, it mainly starts to improve the predetermined accuracy, sort out the rolling parameters of the cold rolling mill, control system, cold rolling, model and other common methods of in-depth understanding of the system, and establish the working principle of the mathematical model of the finishing mill, The mathematical model of finishing mill is reasonably simplified and the nonlinear factors are comprehensively considered.
The influence of actual working conditions on the hot rolling process of rolling mill makes the model more suitable for engineering practice. In the realization of the model, modern simulation technology and calculation software are fully used, and the dynamic structure diagram in the software is used for system simulation. On the basis of considering various factors affecting cold rolling, Adams mechanical dynamics, the simulation software used in the model of vertical vibration mill, This provides a good analytical method to study the influence of the dynamic characteristics of thickness on the establishment of strips and shape changes.
By comparing the measured values with the simulation results, it shows that the model can well reflect the actual working conditions. By changing the values of predefined parameters, the influence law of parameters in the working process can be obtained, and some adjustment methods are added to improve the hot rolling process. The research results of the accuracy and dynamic characteristics of important parameters are verified on the production site, It improves the product quality of hot rolling mill and provides important support for improving the speed control level of rolling mill in hot rolling production line.


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