How to ensure the accuracy of straightness by the digital model of cold rolling mill


In the continuous innovation of science and technology, the shape of the working roll of the cold rolling mill has been applied to the whole field of cold rolling in many production lines to control the shape of the strip steel. In practical application, the combination with the supporting roll of the working roll has the problem of uneven wear or even failure of the separation roll, whether in the form of flat roll or roll, The main reasons are the concentration of contact pressure of forming roll and the structure of backup plane bearing roll and work roll.

In order to solve this problem, the form of pressure compensation support roll and the structure of work roll are designed and applied. The form of roll supports variable contact and rollback, which has the combination of changing the shape of roll contact and better advantages used in the configuration of work roll. After the application of the form of pressure balance of support roll, The contact state between the work roll and the backup roll can be improved, the problem of stripping roll can be solved, and the quality can be effectively improved.

Nowadays, it is very important to develop the mathematical model to control the wear of back-up roll cold rolling mill. The accuracy of frequency band straightness depends on several factors. Roller wear is one of the main variables affecting the surface quality of belt. Roller wear is due to the condition of friction composite, because the belt is not in contact with the back-up roll, and sometimes the back-up wear roll is not analyzed, However, after several cycles of the cold rolling mill, the backup roll becomes more important.

Based on the pressure distribution between cylinders with two parallel axes, the model is used to calculate the back-up roll wear in real time. Therefore, to prevent the rework of finished products or equipment damage caused by the excessive wear of accident rolls, the economic rationality of the second generation application of mature and cold rolling technology still needs to be considered from an overall point of view, The hydraulic bending device is used to control the shape of the plate, and the laminar flow is cooled to improve the quality of the steel plate.


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