What problems will occur in the production of pipe bending machine


Pipe bending machines are widely used in industries such as sheet metal, hardware products, steel structures, precision machinery, automotive parts, glasses, jewelry, nameplates, advertising, handicrafts, electronics, toys, packaging, etc. They can cut metal and various non-metallic sheets and pipes. Especially suitable for stainless steel plates, iron plates, aluminum materials, copper plates, pipe bending machines/stainless steel laser pipe bending machines are commonly known as metal laser pipe bending machines.
Cutting of materials such as ceramic, silicon, and diamond. The pipe bending machine uses a metal laser with a xenon lamp as the excitation source to output a high-energy density laser beam, causing local instantaneous melting and gasification of the area illuminated by the light spot on the workpiece. The CNC mechanical system is controlled by a computer to move the position of the light spot and achieve automatic cutting. A high-tech equipment that integrates laser technology, CNC technology, and precision mechanical technology.
The typical structure of a metal strain gauge for a pipe bending machine is composed of a sensitive gate, substrate, coating layer, and lead wire. In the application of sensors, the strain of the elastic body is transformed into a change in resistance value through the resistance strain effect of the sensitive gate. Based on the inherent hysteresis of the material, the strain gauge itself also exhibits hysteresis. Sealant: A large amount of sealant is used in the production process of the sensor in the pipe bending machine, mainly for fixing the circuit and sealing.
On the surface, it is generally relatively soft after curing, and the relative strength of the elastomer can be almost ignored. However, for small-scale products, consideration must be given. Small range products have relatively weak deformation zones, and the influence of sealant thickness is significantly increased.


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