How to distinguish the importance and quality of mold installation for pipe bending machines


After installing the mold of the pipe bending machine, the pipe bender is really complete. Whether it is a hydraulic pipe bender or a CNC pipe bender, the installation of the pipe bender mold should be paid attention to.
The installation of the elbow mold is very important. Mold installation personnel must have the expertise to operate the elbow machine and adjust the elbow mold properly, and the quality of the elbow is stressed. The mold must be applied to the mechanical size, bend the pipe fittings larger than the original value, the mechanical load is too large, the mechanical properties fail, and the operator is seriously endangered.
1. In the environment of starting the oil pump motor, arrange the hand, finger or any part of the body in the mold running area.
2. Do not use the mold installation instructions on the manual without reading or understanding, but install, mediate or move the mold.
3, do not wear ties, jewelry or loose clothes when things are happening or near the machine.
4, if the mold is too heavy to lift by hand, should use the appropriate machine lifting essentials. The hanging ring is arranged on the mold to connect the stability of the mold parts during suspension.
During the operation of the automatic pipe bender, the parts of the pipe bender can be maintained under harsh environmental conditions (such as rain), improper operation and misoperation, and overload. All systems of the pipe bending machine are suitable for operation in the environment of ±40℃ and 0 ~ 100 humidity. The pipe bending machine is suitable for local use at an altitude of 0 ~ 3000m. The pipe bending machine should select a suitable workplace before working. The quality of a fully automatic pipe bending machine is very important for the quality of the products produced in the future, so how to identify the quality of the pipe bending machine?
1. Mold base hardness and mold hardness are also the key to the normal use of the equipment in the future. When the mold hardness is lower than Rockwell HRC60 mold hardness is lower than Rockwell HRC50, it will affect the clamping quality of the hose.
2. Measure the main parameters of the equipment: let the equipment be in the state of air transport, touch each mold block with your hand, and the feel should not shake, otherwise it is regarded as unqualified products.
3. Install the equipment on the mold, buckle a sample joint, and measure the buckle joint with a caliper or micrometer. The circularity and taper should be buckle within 0.1mm, which is considered excellent.
4. Check the equipartition of the eight valves of the mold base and the flatness of the mold. Good equipment will do special control adjustment for these two items, and some poor quality equipment does not control the above two parameters.


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