What principles must be followed to design a high-quality pipe bender?


CNC Pipe Bender in the enterprise, if the required elbow diameter is large and the batch is large, the operation is generally performed on a fixed large-scale elbow equipment. Such equipment is generally not easy to move. For those occasions where the diameter of the metal pipe is small and the batch is not large, a simple mold is often made by the operator and manually bent, but the efficiency is not high. What principles must be followed to design a high-quality pipe bender? In mechanical engineering and daily life, it is often necessary to bend some pipe fittings. Common heating methods are used to increase the plasticity of metal pipes, or to fill the pipes with sand and gravel to maintain their shape. These methods are time-consuming, laborious and inefficient, and the quality is difficult to guarantee. This article introduces a new type of pipe bending machine that meets the requirements. In engineering practice, it is often necessary to make elbows on site, and it is required to keep the circular section constant and the pipe wall thickness uniform. For example, some common railings in urban construction, pipes used for decoration purposes, and conveying fluids, etc.


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