Analysis of the bending mode of the pipe bender into combined and integral types


In order to avoid indentation at the joints and facilitate on-site use in pipe bending machinery, it is better to use the integral bending die, but it is difficult to process the integral bending die. The bending mold of the pipe bending machine is divided into combined and integrated analysis. The automatic pipe bending machine manufacturer will analyze for you: the combined bending mold is convenient to manufacture, but when it is used, because the bending mold and the insert are not combined processing, the radius groove is wrong It is inconvenient to use because it is medium or uneven, not tangent, or has gaps. The length of the insert should be greater than 2D (here D=outer diameter of the pipe), especially when the pipe diameter is large. When the bending radius is small (e.g. equal to 2D), due to the ellipse of the pipe, the bending part of the pipe has a larger value on both sides. For serious scars, the depth of the bend groove should be deeper than half of the pipe. Generally speaking, for steel pipes with a diameter of less than 20 mm, when the bending radius is equal to or more than twice the pipe diameter, excessive ellipse and wrinkles should not occur. It should be larger, otherwise the pipe will not be clamped, making the bending impossible.


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