What are the effects of microcracks on the mechanical properties of hydraulic pipe benders?


According to CNC pipe bending machine regarding micro-cracks, we study the grain boundary cracks. According to the forming conditions, the crack length can generally reach the cracks mainly generated on the austenite grain boundaries perpendicular to the stress direction (the longitudinal axis of the sub). Micro cracks affect the hydraulic pressure. Extensive research on the mechanical properties of automatic pipe benders shows that the yield strength and tensile strength will not be affected at room temperature or even higher temperatures. However, microcracks can cause significant changes in the impact value of the slot. There are few discussions about the influence of microcracks on the creep state of metals. The microcracks produced in the induction heating bending process are mainly caused by the degree of deformation and the deformation temperature. Therefore, when the limit condition is exceeded and the deformation plus the deformation temperature increases, the microcracks will increase by 1. This means that if the bending temperature is kept below the formation temperature of the microcracks, bending with a predetermined bending radius can prevent the generation of microcracks. Therefore, it is also perpendicular to the slag inclusion of the stretched pipe. After the steel pipe is bent, the structure is recrystallized by heat treatment, so that the microcracks are transformed into crystal drag.


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