The working cycle law of the pipe bender


The working cycle of the CNC pipe bending machine : Since the power required by the pipe bender comes from the hydraulic system, in addition to manual loading and unloading, it is bold to imagine that the tire wheel and the bending wheel are grooved, and the two sides of the groove are respectively located on the tire wheel and On the rolling wheel, the upper part of the side of the groove is two parallel planes, and the lower part is a circular ring with the same radius and the outer diameter of the pipe fittings, so that the tube can be installed downward from the top of the tire wheel and the rolling wheel. The design of the hydraulic system can easily realize the automatic completion of the bending work cycle. The actions and functions of the hydraulic circuit in a working cycle are as follows: the oil pump stops unloading-the clamping cylinder fast forwards (tire rotation, clamping pipe fittings)-the clamping cylinder works 1 in (pressure bending pipe fittings)-clamping cylinder protects Roll bending cylinder work advance (roll bending pipe fittings)-roll bending cylinder fast retreat (rolling wheel reset-clamping cylinder fast retreat (tire reset) oil pump unloading. In order to make the installation of pipes fast and convenient, in order to improve work efficiency and Simplify the structure.


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