What is the role of automatic pipe bender applied to the cooling system?


       CNC automatic tube bending machine spindle bearings using high-precision tapered roller bearings and thrust bearings, rear fixed against the mold, the bracket is fixed with rollers, in order to make the theoretical contour of the ground cam consistent with the drawings, shall make the roller diameter and grinding wheel diameter and the cam follower roller diameter is the same. When the plunger moves back and forth, it drives the headbox to move back and forth. The hydraulic principle is as follows: when the cam returns (the grinding wheel is in contact with the workpiece in front of the workpiece), the headbox must be moved forward, the oil pump supplies oil, the check valve opens, the cylinder overcomes the friction generated by the weight of the headbox and pushes the headbox forward. The relief valve plays a protective role, and its pressure is used to overcome the force generated during grinding, so that the roller is in close contact with the die.
       Therefore, the size of each cylinder can be calculated according to the weight of the headbox and the friction force. When the cam is lifted, the support roller pushes the die to make the cylinder return, and the grinding force also prompts it to return, the check valve is closed and the sequence valve is opened. The setting pressure of the sequence valve is slightly less than the pressure of the relief valve, so as to ensure that the cylinder has a certain thrust, but the pressure size must be debugged in practice to achieve better results.
       Automatic pipe bender cooling system in the field of automation has a very important role, rotary encoder for the detection of displacement, angle, speed and acceleration sensors. It depends on the control of the indicator bar, gear, measuring wheel or rope, the amount of rotation input to the shaft using the conversion principle into the corresponding electrical pulse or digital, with small size, high accuracy, reliability, digital interface advantages. The encoder converts the actual mechanical parameter values into electrical signals that can be processed by counters, tachometers, PLc and industrial PCs.
       The cooling system is divided into two forms, a water cooling system for bending carbon and low alloy steel tubes, and an air cooling system for bending stainless steel tubes. All water used in the water cooling system is softened water, water softening system is used to control the quality of the cooling water device. The use of softened water helps to extend the service life of the equipment.
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