What is the development progress of CNC hydraulic pipe bender


The development of the pipe processing industry and automation industry is getting closer and closer, in today’s era of automation and CNC, if you can not keep pace means to be eliminated, so in the hydraulic CNC hydraulic tube bending machine has reached a stable and heyday, we put the focus on the future of the pipe processing industry automation market, the future of CNC hydraulic pipe bending machine core software will be the CNC Times, we will slowly recede with the progress and development of technology NC-type control system. 
Of course, the development of NC-type microcomputer control panel in the CNC hydraulic pipe bender is frequently used, and stable. So we for pipe cutting machines, metal circular saws and pipe shrinking machines and other pipe equipment products are also replaced and upgraded. Although this time there is no breakthrough in the era of the great revolution of CNC, but the improvement of the control method for the button type without display is also considered an improvement. 


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