How to solve the problems of slow working speed and oil removal of pipe bending machine


pipe bending machine is a general term for a class of machines, which can be divided in more detail. Generally speaking, pipe bending machine is still widely used in industrial construction, and it is also an important machine, so we must understand its use. It is a great taboo to learn that you can’t have a half understanding and half faith. First of all, we should be clear that as a pipe bending machine, generally speaking, it can be divided into hydraulic pipe bending machine and CNC pipe bending machine. Each has its own characteristics and its own scope of use. For everyone, we need to be serious and can’t confuse these types. Today, Taiwan and mechanical experts will tell you how to solve the problems of slow working speed and oil removal of pipe bending machine.

1. How to speed up the pipe bending machine:

Generally, the pipe bending speed of the pipe bending machine has the speed grade. When the pipe is small, the fastest gear is used, and when the pipe is large, the slow gear is used. Like the above speed regulation method, it can be modified according to the prompt on the control panel. If you want to solve the problem, I suggest you buy a full-automatic CNC pipe bending machine, which can process about 1000 pipes a day.2. How to adjust the descending speed of the hydraulic bending machine?The bending machine is 

2. For the 5m double cylinder, the falling point of the cutter is different. 

The oil cylinder is newly repaired and does not fall. What should we do? Note: the domestic pipe bending machine works with high intensity and its service life will be very short. I suggest you look at the imported one.There are two travel switches beside the machine, one is height limiting and the other is pressure relief. If you adjust the pressure relief down a little, it will slow down,

3. Hydraulic pipe bending machine has slow oil inlet speed and fast oil outlet speed.

 What’s the matter?Generally, when the weather is cold, the oil inlet speed will be relatively slow, because the oil viscosity is high, so it is slow. It will take an hour. It’s best not to adjust the speed of the next and work inlet randomly, which is easy to be disordered. If you want to ask why the oil in the oil tank is slow when entering and fast when leaving, the pipe bending machine doesn’t know. When working under pressure, the oil in the cylinder is sucked into the cylinder through the large hydraulic control valve. When working, it is pressurized by the valve body. On the return trip, the oil is returned by the valve body. Here, the oil comes back from the valve group like flushing. The large hydraulic control valve is not together with the valve group, but two large ones are hung there on the front side of the oil tank, so you can only see the surf of oil return. You can’t see the oil absorption. The caliber of oil absorption is large. Don’t touch it at the front. You can’t hold your hand.

Note: generally, the oil return is faster than the oil inlet


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