What are the rolling procedures for the new strip mill


The processing of metal products plays an important role in the market economy, and the accuracy index is the convexity of the main products of the plate-shaped strip, and the grinding is an important factor affecting the model plate and plate-shaped crown. Large steel production and processing enterprises will present many of their own advantages of the cold tandem mill at different stages of the equipment research project. Due to the use of different types of cold rolling mill equipment in the steel plant, the selection of model is an important issue that needs to be seriously considered.
Today’s rolling procedure is the main technical content of strip production and the basis of plant model calculation. With the rapid development of rolling technology and the rolling plan based on empirical method, the equipment can no longer meet the needs of production, so people gradually pay attention to the optimization technology of rolling planning. Firstly, based on the model calculation of rolling pressure considering the elastic deformation of rolled piece, The precise pressure rolls in the length direction of the deformation zone model using mixed friction solution. The problems existing in the cold rolling program of the cold rolling mill are studied and analyzed.
At present, it has the multi lens function of uniform distribution and transverse distribution, and operates with the maximum rolling force and torque. It is used to control the cold rolling mill of the optimization model program, and calculate and analyze the cold rolling tandem 5 of typical specifications to support different models. In order to meet the needs of the selection of cold rolled wide and thick plates, it is studied according to the characteristics of rolling width and the development of the rules of thick plates, rolling wide and thick plates, The rolling program of typical specifications is designed and calculated.
For the five simulation support of the new cold rolling, considering the ability of how to control the application, nine types of cold rolling mills in the new theoretical model of the cold rolling mill are selected. On this basis, the scheme selection of the new tandem cold rolling mill model analyzed and studied by the manufacturer represents five kinds, in which the technical support is provided and good results are achieved. In order to improve the performance of the whole plant, the combination of design theory and the optimal parameters of the rolling mill is processed.


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