How to optimize the rolling schedule of tandem cold rolling mill


The current steel rolling production process is a system operation project. The finished raw materials must go through multiple production processes. There is the problem of optimal combination in these processes. The production process of rolled products is not unique, and there are problems of overlap and optimization between units. In the production process of in band cold rolling, it is an essential condition to ensure the high performance and low cost of the cold rolling mill in the production process, It is also an important optimization technical problem in continuous cold rolling production.
With the rapid development of cold rolling technology, the rolling scheme can only meet the production needs through empirical methods. The production practice experience should be improved at the theoretical level, which has universal guiding significance. Based on the analysis of the composition of the improved five digit improved tandem mill control system, several parameter models suitable for calculating the optimization of cold rolling program are put forward according to the process parameters and performance of rolling mill equipment.
Therefore, considering the inaccuracy of the theoretical calculation model of the rolling pressure of the new coil, the data network technology is used to predict the rolling pressure. Both on-line accuracy and off-line self-learning are used to improve the configuration accuracy, and then correct the cold rolling program. At the same time, based on the analysis of the characteristics of the cold rolling mill, select the appropriate optimization method, and determine different objective functions and corresponding constraints according to different needs. Therefore, a variety of optimization schemes are established, The field program of tandem cold rolling is optimized, and the comparison results are given. An ideal conclusion is obtained before and after optimization.
Therefore, considering the changes of model parameters with rolling conditions and performance in the rolling process, a rolling program design method with strong adaptability is proposed. According to the analysis and evaluation of the measured rolling data, the adaptation and matching of the main parameters of the rolling mill are carried out. Therefore, the experiment has achieved satisfactory results.


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