What is the configuration of jade cutting band sawing machine? Is it customizable?


The jade cutting band saw machine W-900 belongs to the special customized sawing machine, which is widely used in the jade and jewelry industry. The complete machine casting, thermal aging and tempering treatment, has good rigidity, and the body does not deform to ensure the operation accuracy of the machine tool. The jade cutting band saw machine is controlled by the CNC system, driven by the servo motor ball screw, and guided by the linear guide rail, which is convenient and fast to operate, and has high cutting accuracy. The working table of the jade cutting band saw machine can rotate, It can achieve multi-function and multi-angle selection of flat cutting and rotary cutting of jade profiles.
The maximum sawing specification of the jade cutting band saw machine W-900: height ≤ 600mm, width ≤ 900mm, and the size of the circular workbench is Φ 700mm, effective cutting 1000mm, linear speed of band saw blade is 500-1500 variable frequency speed regulation, the table rotation mode of jade cutting band saw machine is 360 ° arbitrary rotation controlled by stepping motor, and the speed parameter is CNC control; If you have any demand for jade cutting and efficiency, please contact us. The equipment parameters of jade cutting band sawing machine can be customized for enterprises. The customized jade cutting band sawing machine can bring higher income and achieve the ideal results of faster speed, higher precision, greater load bearing, stronger power, lower failure rate, and improved production,


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