Graphite saw configuration explanation and purchase suggestions


Graphite, carbon materials are increasingly widely used in all walks of life, processing this kind of workpiece need to apply professional graphite saw, to solve the graphite, carbon materials easy conduction and prevent dust inhalation and other problems, graphite saw to ensure the safety of the saw-cutting process, environmental protection, the purchase of graphite saw, the need to measure the configuration of graphite saw, quality, system, saw specifications, universality and universality, Let’s get to know what the graphite saw configuration is!

First, semi-automatic graphite saw

Semi-automatic graphite saw needs manual measurement and positioning after sawing, sawing precision needs manual control, suitable for processing small and medium-sized graphite carbon workpiece, while semi-automatic graphite saw in sawing large workpiece time consumption, low production efficiency, so the selection of semi-automatic graphite saw mainly depends on the cutting diameter range of sawing materials and production efficiency requirements, for example, the cutting diameter range of 300mm, Enterprises without high-efficiency production demand in large quantities can choose semi-automatic graphite saw, which can control the cost and achieve the ideal production efficiency demand.

Two, automatic CNC graphite saw

Automatic CNC graphite saw is an upgrade on the basis of semi-automatic, CNC intelligent controllable programming system can realize automatic feeding, automatic detection, intelligent speed regulation, intelligent high-speed sawing, artificial zero participation, time and labor saving at the same time double production efficiency, usually vertical CNC graphite saw for slicing, horizontal CNC graphite saw for cutting, Saw cutting large graphite workpiece is more suitable for the use of vertical graphite saw oh, enterprises with efficient production needs can click reference Jinfeng directional research and development of “graphite carbon double-ended saw”.


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