Note on long-term maintenance of sawing machine


With the sawing machine toward CNC, automation, intelligence, customization, sawing workpiece types and specifications, can meet the cutting needs of most enterprises, sawing machine sawing efficiency greatly improved at the same time, the failure rate is lower, but the buyer wants to maintain a good state of the sawing machine, to achieve a stable long-term service for the enterprise ideal state, in addition to do a good job of daily cleaning of the sawing machine, Perhaps pay attention to the long-term maintenance of the sawing machine.

The feeding, feeding and cutting procedures of metal band sawing machine, horizontal band sawing machine, vertical band sawing machine and numerical control band sawing machine need to be completed jointly by the motor and hydraulic station. Therefore, the stability of hydraulic system is very important for the sawing machine. Hydraulic oil is used as the auxiliary energy transfer medium, and the quality, cleanliness and viscosity of hydraulic oil play a dominant role in the life of hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve and hydraulic cylinder of the sawing machine. Sawing machine operators need to add qualified hydraulic oil up to about 80% of the mailbox height before sawing work, attach great importance to the quality and cleanliness of hydraulic oil, to avoid the sawing machine operation due to insufficient lubrication or blockage of hydraulic components. After the operation of the sawing machine, the operator of the sawing machine should check the hydraulic oil gauge in time to see whether the hydraulic oil exceeds the red line L. When the hydraulic oil of the band sawing machine is lower than the red line L, it is necessary to join the appropriate amount of 32 anti-wear hydraulic oil, which can be over the red line.

The operator of the sawing machine needs to inject grease into the tension slider oil nozzle, passive wheel oil nozzle, steel brush transmission seat oil nozzle, gear box 2 oil nozzle and other equipment components every month; It is recommended to replace the gear oil in the gear box and the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil tank after the new sawing machine has been used for 6 months. After more than one year, the gear oil in the gear box and the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil tank can be replaced once a year.


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