The cutting quality of horizontal band sawing machine is continuously improved


In order to improve the production and processing efficiency of various enterprises and improve the gain brought by horizontal band sawing machine for enterprises, horizontal band sawing machine gradually automatic and semi-automatic dual-mode, sawing range is wider, stronger adaptability, sawing workpiece material, shape, size increase, with more stable sawing performance, superb sawing technology, precise sawing results, and more models, configuration, It can be customized to save production time and input cost for many purchasers.

CNC horizontal band sawing machine can be operated by one person, which can ensure cutting precision and power and facilitate efficient and unified management. The current band sawing machine is driven by leading frequency conversion motor, fine ball screw transmission, and matched with servo controlled hydraulic system. The speed of band saw blade, feed speed and tension force can be set in advance.

Take GS400 gantry horizontal band sawing machine as an example, automatic CNC sawing machine, using PLC control system, intelligent CNC programming system can add set a group or more groups of data continuous cutting, manual and automatic dual mode selection, sawing workpiece types and specifications are diverse, with high precision feeding, intelligent detection, intelligent sawing, intelligent speed regulation, automatic cleaning and other main functions, The processing speed is fast, the precision is high, is very conducive to the use of enterprise mass production, and put into the market after enduring, the cutting performance by the user’s trust and affirmation.


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