What are the specific ways to operate the aluminum profile extrusion machine?


The knowledge content of the operation of the kneading machine of the aluminum profile extrusion machine has already been touched, but if viewed from the whole point of view, there is still something missing, and it is still incomplete and complete. The operation of the aluminum profile extrusion machine is as follows, the details are:
(1) After the mold is unloaded, it should be inspected, and its type, usage, etc. should be recorded, so that it can be understood and recorded in time.
(2) If the ingot is not heated to the specified temperature, the upper mold kneading operation cannot be performed. So for the first ingot, its temperature must be higher than the upper limit of the rule.
(3) What specifications and content should be selected for aluminum alloy materials, which should be determined by specific work requirements.
(4) The machine speed of the mold should be fast, in case it cannot be cooled to the specified temperature.
(5) When the extruder is kneading, it is necessary to check whether the gasket is in good condition, so as to find the best effect.


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