The Application of Pipe Bending Machine in the Speciality of International Airlines


The same bending radius (i.e. one pipe the first mock examination) and the normalization of the bending radius (multiple pipes the first mock examination) of the water pipe of the same model and specification are adopted on one water pipe of the pipe bending machine. It is the characteristics and overall development trend of the product modeling design of the foreign plastic hose scheme design today, and it is the general trend of systematic and automatic control replacing manual manufacturing, The combination of integrated color processing technology and excellent processing technology promotes the integration of scheme design. In terms of the large number, complex appearance, and concentrated arrangement of its plastic hoses, the Spey diesel engine far exceeds all the military services in China’s manufacturing industry, but it further solves the difficulty of standardizing the bending radius of plastic hoses. In addition to some plastic hoses that are unique due to the diesel engine structure, 90% of the plastic hoses use a water pipe with a bending radius, while water pipes with the same diameter and specifications only use 2-4 bending radii. Taking the plastic hose with a diameter of 6.35mm and a bending radius of 19.05mm as an example, it currently has 50 different part numbers but only uses one set of bending modules. All the plastic hoses of Spey diesel engines only use more than 20 sets of bending modules, and 70% of the water pipes are bent on CNC lathe pipe bending machines. It is incomparable to any military service produced and manufactured in our country today. The benefits of reducing mold manufacturing volume and controlling costs caused by the standardization of plastic hose bending radius greatly exceed the investment projects necessary for increasing mechanical equipment. Moreover, all kinds of plastic hoses of a new model can be quickly and flexibly produced, greatly shortening the production and construction site management cycle, and accelerating product development progress. This has indeed brought great benefits to the detailed production and upgrading of airports and their diesel engines for civilian use, as well as to the production and manufacturing of multiple services.
Therefore, the standardization of plastic hoses, namely the standardization of pipe shape and the standardization of plastic hose bending radius, is an urgent challenge to be solved when using CNC lathe bending machines to bend pipes. Starting from the conceptual design of plastic hoses and incorporating the characteristics of vector material CNC lathe pipe bending machines, the professionalism of pipe bending machines in China can be greatly improved.


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