What should the pipe bending machine pay attention to when adding lubricating oil?


The pipe bending machine is inseparable from the lubricating oil, if it is short of oil, it will affect the normal use. So when adding lubricating oil, we must grasp a good method. The following pipe bending machine manufacturer will introduce it to you.

First, before adding lubricant, we must do a good job of cleaning the oil tank, clean up the impurities inside, but also pay attention to the condition of the oil filter net, see if there is any defect, we must pay attention to do a good job of inspection, only in this way can we make the lubricating oil successfully added.
Second, in the addition of lubricant should not be excessive, just add to the mark can be added, so as to ensure that the use of the bending machine will be more excellent.
When adding lubricant to the pipe bender, these aspects need to be mastered. Only in this way can the work be carried out more smoothly and the equipment itself can also play a better maintenance role.


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