Where is the correct position of the core rod of the pipe bending machine?


Why do people need to understand the position of the core rod? Because the pipe bending machine can improve the quality of pipe bending by moving the position of the core rod. Align both ends of the core rod of the bending machine with the wheel mold management center. Everything is normal depending on the abrasive tool management center. Looking at the actual effect of adjustment, it doesn’t matter if you move forward or backward. The straight section gap points to the wheel mold gap.
Where is the correct position of the core rod of the pipe bending machine? The core rod of the automatic pipe bending machine is located at the rear position without the tangent point, and it will not be able to sufficiently stretch the material on both sides of the bend. Therefore, the position of the core rod will cause a considerable rebound force, which will reduce the detailed viewing angle and also expand the half warp. If the half warp increases, it should be pushed towards the tangent point. Adjust the setting of the mandrel. If the pipe continues to rupture, it indicates that the material is really too hard, and too hard materials cannot be sufficiently stretched. Pipe materials that have only been specifically quenched can be used to solve the problem.
Pipe bending machine core rod
Application method of core rod of pipe bending machine:
1. Adequate early preparation; Accurately install bending molds, clamping molds, wrinkle resistant molds, attached push molds, mandrel positions, and key in the bending angle.
2. During research and development; Clamp the pipe on the bending mold, and the pipe rotates with the bending mold. When the pipe is pulled over the pressure block, the pressure block will bend the pipe around the bending mold to ensure the bending accuracy of the pipe production.
3. If the abrasive tool is not installed properly, it is very easy to have wrinkled conditions, resulting in part reimbursement.
4. In tension winding bending, the position of the core rod relative to the bending point is crucial. Although the ovality can be reduced by a certain position of the core rod relative to the bending point, when the core rod is too advanced, it will increase the wall thickness reduction. Therefore, Hangzhou Jiaqi Stainless Steel Plate reminds everyone that the position of the core rod should be clear and accurate after bending the test piece, fully ensuring the quality of the bent pipe product.
Bend method:
1. During the production and processing of bent pipes, attention must be paid to the orientation of the core rod to avoid reverse fracture of the core rod.
2. During production, dirt such as iron pins on the service platform of the pipe bender must be immediately removed to prevent damage to the appearance of the steel parts.
3. It is necessary to cultivate the habit of excellent core before core piercing, to avoid bending the pipe without entering the core, which may lead to steel parts being billed.
4. Immediately brush lubricating grease on the core rod of the bending machine to reduce damage and prolong its service life.
5. Strictly follow the actual operating standards of the pipe bender to avoid accidents.


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