What are the new breakthroughs in pipe processing machinery and pipe bending machine products


The success of new products not only requires technological progress, but also the continuation of the reliability of previous generation products, and the ability to meet future requirements. The modern pipe bending machine operating system NC type control technology can perfectly match various types of pipe processing machinery equipment such as hydraulic pipe bending machines, fully automatic pipe bending machines, pipe cutting machines, pipe shrinking machines, and rolling machines. Due to the stable and fixed mode of the program, the cost is low but the performance is excellent, so it is widely used in the pipe bending machine industry. It provides many innovative features and has the necessary potential to represent the strength of future NC numerical control systems. Therefore, this system not only supports the development of future control technology, but also decisively reshapes control technology, just like the development process of CNC systems.
The CNC operating system currently uses PLC program to process CNC programmable systems. The specific dimensions of pipe fittings can be drawn or inputted for transmission, making it a very convenient and fast operating system to match CNC pipe bending machines and fully automatic pipe bending machines with more high-end machine tools such as fully automatic pipe cutting machines and CNC pipe shrinking machines. The CNC operating system adopts a brand new high-resolution 3D graphic simulation function, allowing operators to accurately evaluate the feeding size, corner size, or the cutting and feeding position of metal pipes on the pipe cutting machine and the feeding demonstration and mold changing processing effect on the pipe end forming machine before actual processing. This means that the system detects critical tool movements in a timely manner and allows for necessary modifications to be made quickly, minimizing waste and avoiding damage to the machine tool and mold. Enhanced function: Automatic control technology for completing the bending process of pipes with one clamping, and cutting multiple pipes with multiple dimensions and precision.
Users can switch between multiple angle bending machining methods in the NC program according to their machining needs. Performing this processing method switch and all necessary modifications makes it very easy for operators who have just come into contact with our pipe processing machinery and pipe bending machine equipment to program the feeding size and rotation angle of the pipe bending, as well as to process the pipe bending angle, thanks to the standard path function, free contour programming, conversational programming, and a comprehensive cycle of functions.
Therefore, it is possible to adjust the motion speed of the axis at the contour transition in a timely manner through motion control that limits acceleration through smooth acceleration. Therefore, this function can optimize the motion control of the feed axis in 3-axis and 5-axis bending and cutting processes. Dynamic high-precision is a set of specially designed functions that meet the requirements of high precision, high surface quality, and fast machining. It can compensate for misalignment errors and suppress machine tool vibration, and execute machining with intelligent control technology.


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