Which pipe bending machines and operational difficulties are used in pipeline installation


The installation process of the pipeline involves many skills, so in the pipeline installation project, it is necessary to use a large number of bending pipes of various angles, such as 90° and 45° bending, B-shaped bending (back and forth bending), bending (curved bending), square expansion device, etc., according to the construction site machine conditions and bending pipe diameter size selection of processing machines and corresponding construction technology, can be processed on site. It can also be produced in the processing plant.

Equipment required for pipeline installation: manual pipe bender, pulley bender, electric or hydraulic pipe bender, automatic pipe bender, hair dryer, mold, steel plate ruler, oven, workbench, acetylene generator, welding and cutting tools, etc.

Pipe bending machine conditions: construction drawings and standard drawings have been obtained, and the audit has been completed. (There are construction sites and workstations that meet safety requirements. All pipes with qualified certificates shall be entered into the site. Technical disclosure has been carried out, familiar with the specifications, dimensions, angles of each processing part, and make up the material brand. When bending with a manual pipe bender, the operator must avoid the bent steel pipe in the face to avoid the pipe bender slipping and hurting people.

When bending with fire, it is forbidden to stand at the mouth of the pipe to prevent shooting injuries, the location of the coal stove should be in good contact with the fire department, the flammable materials must be eliminated, and the fire must be extinguished before work to prevent accidents.

The acetylene generator must be equipped with a safety device to prevent tempering, the safety chain, oxygen cylinder, oxygen meter and welding and cutting tools are strictly prohibited from being contaminated with grease, and the oxygen cylinder should have shockproof rubber rings.

Like any machine, there will be problems of one kind or another in use, for example, in the process of bending all kinds of pipes, there will be some problems such as: rebound at the corner of the pipe bend, wrinkles, bumps and drag marks on the pipe bend

1. When fully automatic starting, pay attention to the scope that the body cannot enter the swivel arm rotation. In the CNC lathe work, all staff prohibited into the rotary arm and pipe swept indoor space category, CNC lathe hydraulic transmission system use YA-N32 general gear oil, under normal circumstances over the years to disassemble many times, the oil filter must be cleaned together.

2, adjust the grinding tool, should be by the adjuster press the button to carry out the adjustment, dry million can not be a person to adjust the CNC lathe, others in the control box actual operation, adjust the CNC lathe or open empty car to remove the core rod. The hydraulic transmission system must also pay attention to the size of the working pressure in actual operation.

3, the other is strictly prohibited in the case of manual side pushing speed more than the angular speed of the rotating grinding tool edge. Generally, the tension level of the transmission chain should be checked after a period of time, and the tightness of the upper and lower left and right transmission chain should be maintained.


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