Simple operation process of CNC pipe bending machine


Is the operation of CNC pipe bending machine equipment simple? Our CNC greenhouse pipe bending machine is very easy to operate, and we have dedicated personnel to teach us the operation process and how to set it up in a simple and clear manner. Our current CNC pipe bending machine is operated by a computer PLC, which is similar in principle to our mobile phone operation. Our computer touch screen is currently set with 26 speed regulation, which can adjust the speed according to the curvature of the bend. When the curvature of our bend is a simple curve, the speed is very fast. The efficiency has improved. When our bending process is triangular, our CNC bending machine is formed in one go, which slows down the speed. However, the formed pipes have high precision. All maintain consistent shapes.
Simple operation process of CNC pipe bending machine:
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Two major bending programs have a memory capacity of 100 groups, with each group capable of programming 10 bends.
3. The bending process parameters can be directly input, and can be automatically executed and stopped during automatic operation.
The memory storage time of the operating program and bending program is not limited, and the program will not be lost due to power failure or long-term non use.
When the machine automatically processes, the controller can also be used for inputting or editing programs.
The 6-bending program can set a speed of 0-3 per axis in each machining step, allowing for flexible use of different workpieces and improving work efficiency.
7 has processing power and counting function.
By using the origin system, the machine can be restarted every morning or after rest, without the need for complex programs to search for the origin of each axis, and can immediately enter standby mode.


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