What are the important components of a fully automatic pipe bending machine interpreted by experts?


The fully automatic pipe bending machine can be said to be a device in the pipe bending machine, capable of fully automatic feeding, automatic turning, and automatic forming. With the continuous development of the fully automatic pipe bending machine industry, due to its high accuracy, stable performance, simple and safe operation, it is widely used in the bending processing of pipe fittings in aerospace, automobiles, locomotives, motorcycles, ships, petrochemical, power, natural gas, nuclear industry, boilers, vehicles, fitness equipment, sports goods, and other industries.
1. Fully automatic bending machine body: The bed body adopts a channel steel welded spindle frame, and the upper and lower bearing support plates of the spindle are installed in the frame using 15mm thick steel plates. 2. System part: The hydraulic system part can use civilian accessories or aircraft hydraulic accessories. 3. Transmission part: The transmission part is composed of oil cylinder, rack, gear, and transmission shaft. 4. Mold part: The mold part is an auxiliary tool made according to different surface diameters, made of bearing steel or roller steel, and heat treated with HRC48-52. 5. Clamping part: The hydraulic clamping part is composed of a sliding plate, a rocker arm, and a hydraulic oil cylinder. The expansion and contraction of the oil cylinder drives the movement of the rocker arm. 6. Electrical part. 1. Structure and working principle of fully automatic pipe bending machine and electric hydraulic pipe bending machine (electric pipe bending machine): composed of an electric oil pump, high-pressure oil pipe, quick connector, working oil cylinder, plunger, and bending components including upper and lower flower plates, die heads, and roller shafts. The high-pressure oil output from the electric oil pump is fed into the working oil cylinder through the high-pressure oil pipe, and the high-pressure oil pushes the plunger inside the working oil cylinder to generate thrust, which bends the pipe through the bending component. 2. Electric hydraulic pipe bending machine (electric pipe bending machine) Purpose: The fully automatic pipe bending machine is suitable for installing and repairing pipelines in factories, warehouses, docks, buildings, railways, automobiles, etc. In addition to its pipe bending function, it can also remove pipe bending components (oil cylinders) and serve as a separate hydraulic lifting machine.


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