How to avoid scratch of automatic pipe bending machine?


Choose the appropriate tool: Make sure to choose the bending tool that is suitable for the required pipe diameter and material. The use of inappropriate tools may cause damage to the pipe during bending.
Suitable pipe preparation: Before bending, ensure that the end of the pipe is cut flat and free from burrs or protrusions. Uneven pipes can easily cause scratches.
Correct setting of machine parameters: Ensure that the bending radius, bending angle, bending speed, and other parameters are correctly set on the fully automatic pipe bending machine. Ensure that these parameters are consistent with the specifications of the pipe material
Use appropriate bending molds: Select appropriate bending molds to ensure that the pipes can pass smoothly through the machine without being scratched.
Pay attention to operating speed: operate the fully automatic pipe bending machine with caution and do not be too impatient or quick. Excessive bending speed may cause scratches on the pipes inside the machine.
Keep the machine clean: Regularly clean the bending area of the fully automatic pipe bending machine to ensure that there are no foreign objects or dirt blocking or scratching the pipes.
Monitoring the bending process: Observe the bending process to ensure that the pipe is not stuck or subjected to unnecessary friction during bending.
Inspect the finished product: After the bend is completed, inspect the surface of the pipe for any scratches or damage. If there are scratches, they need to be repaired or re bent.
Train operators: Ensure that operators have received appropriate training on how to use fully automatic pipe bending machines correctly to avoid scratches and other damage.


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