What problems may occur during the use of the pipe bending machine


With the development trend of new technologies, the quality and technology of pipe bending machines in China have become quite complete and stable compared to pipeline production equipment such as hydraulic pipe bending equipment, automatic pipe bending equipment, laser pipe cutting machines, and locks. Everyone is not easy to explore. Due to the emergence of new technology applications in the past, the stability level of mechanical equipment characteristics is relatively sensitive, but now the pipeline production line equipment is basically stable, so attention should be paid to maintenance after purchasing a processing center.
In this way, when the pipeline is inserted into the journal, the iron pin will come out, and the remaining iron pin will fall into the car fuel tank. As is well known, the pipe bending machine uses an oil pump to input oil and displays hydraulic pressure according to the car relay. Therefore, after this type of iron pin enters the car fuel tank, most of it will be ejected by the filter of the input oil pipe, but very few iron pins will enter the oil pump, causing the iron pin of the suction oil pump to enter the car relay. But this type of iron pin cannot flow in the car relay, causing the hydraulic relay to be blocked, the oil to not flow, resulting in the failure of the matching state, and the inability of the bending equipment to work properly.
But what are the common problems that pipe bending machines often encounter in daily use? In the technical draft of system logging, I believe this issue has been mentioned for a long time. People often say that there is a problem in the area where the hydraulic press is located, because when the machine and equipment are at the elbow, fiber laser cutting the pipeline will leave a large number of small iron pins. If this type of iron pin cannot be cleaned thoroughly, the bent pipe in the pipe bending machine will immediately encounter it. But many of the long worn materials of the pipe bending machine are bent by the core shaft, which may wrinkle or collapse in the pipe bending machine.


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