What are the different functions of aluminum extrusion press machine


The price and model of aluminum extrusion press machine are different. Its use includes installation, adjustment, trial operation, operation, maintenance and repair, etc. Although it seems complicated, in fact it only needs to follow the instructions. However, you must be familiar with aluminum extrusion The structural characteristics of the machine are used to correctly grasp the extrusion process conditions and operate the machine correctly. There are many types of aluminum extrusion presses. Although the operating points are different, they also have similarities. So what are the functions of the aluminum extrusion press the difference?
When the high-pressure working fluid provided by the aluminum extrusion press is surplus, it is stored by the accumulator. When the supply is insufficient, the accumulator will supplement the supply. However, because the pressure of the working fluid is constant, the electric power consumption is large, the system has many links, and the structure Complex, this drive system is mainly used for large hydraulic presses, or a set of drive system is used to drive several hydraulic presses. The shape confirmation and clamping method of aluminum extrusion presses. For large cross-section hollow profiles and extrusion presses, it can be inserted and stretched. Blocks, but should ensure sufficient clamping area as much as possible.
When the aluminum profile is cooled to below 50℃, it can start to stretch the profile. When the profile is bent and twisted at the same time, the twist and stretch bend should be corrected first to confirm whether the predetermined stretching rate and clamping method are appropriate, if not appropriate , Adjust the stretching rate appropriately. If the normal stretching rate still cannot eliminate the bending and twisting, or the geometric size is unqualified, the operator should be notified to stop the extrusion.
According to the angle between the center line of the aluminum profile extruder screw, the extrusion process can be divided into continuous extrusion and intermittent extrusion due to different extrusion methods. The former uses a screw extruder and the latter uses a plunger extrusion. According to the number of screws, screw-type extruders can be roughly divided into single-screw extruders and multi-screw extruders, so that users can get better choices.


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