Precautions for operation of single head hydraulic pipe bending machine


The operation of single head hydraulic pipe bender must follow certain steps and methods. Do not move the button at will to avoid unnecessary load to the machine. How to operate correctly? Next, let’s make a brief introduction to you in turn.
Pay attention to the operation of the hydraulic bending machine.
1. After the automatic pipe bending machine is started, it is noted that the human body cannot enter the dial swept by the rotating arm.
2. Automatic bending operation, all personnel stop cleaning the space in the boom and pipe!
Ya-n32 (brand 20) ordinary working oil is selected for the hydraulic system of automatic pipe bender, which is generally replaced once a year to clean the oil filter together.
4. When the automatic bending machine (die) is adjusted, the regulator shall press the adjustment button. One person is not suitable for the automatic bending machine, and the other person operates the control cabinet.
The grounding adjustment device of the automatic bending machine or automatic unloading truck must be removed and reinstalled.
The pressure of the hydraulic system shall not exceed 14MPa. Manually adjust the speed of the side push cylinder. ≥ 900 Du speed adjustment is to synchronize the linear speed of the bending arm and the rotating arm. In the manual state, the driving speed in the linear direction is too fast and the die stops rotating.
After use for a period of time, check the fastening of the chain and tighten the upper and lower chains.
In the operation mode, the operator must ensure that the mandrel or mandrel does not interfere with its appearance before the bending arm returns, otherwise the mandrel or mandrel may be bent or broken.


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