How to better use aluminum extrusion machine


The current aluminum extrusion machine use method, in which aluminum profiles due to excessive deformation transfer and plastic deformation, modern society needs a large number of aluminum products, the aluminum extruder system to deal with the quality of the product, large to meet the parts generation processing, is now the main equipment of the copper and aluminum extrusion machine is the processing system, their structural deformation will affect the production efficiency, as well as mechanical properties of precision corrosion, under what circumstances can Use copper and aluminum extrusion presses?

How to better use copper and aluminum extrusion presses equipment

According to the working conditions of high temperature and high pressure extrusion cylinder, the finite element study force method and force method was derived and the basis for obtaining the design of the resistance of the extrusion cylinder, specifically selected material selection, low strength steel and wear resistance, low strength significantly lower than ordinary steel, the results of today’s study can be used as technical support to improve the design and model of the erosion tube, in the current mode of division, the use to a new model, semi-hollow aluminum profiles will corrode the structure of the differential matrix and provide an accurate application, thus providing protection to the structure of the bypass extrusion base.

In addition, the viscosity of the metal is very low for the tool and therefore very large. Heating and cooling are required to heat the copper and aluminum extruder to a certain temperature and the copper and aluminum extruder must be controlled, the speed and position are improved, the product life is improved and the surface quality of the extrudate is improved. Today, many square parts are being extruded, the area of deformation of the metal is close to the surface of the die and The area of plastic deformation is very large.

According to the experimental results of copper and aluminum profile extruder profiles, as the copper and aluminum profile extruder is maintained at high temperatures and low friction conditions, the copper and aluminum profile extruder is characterized by a regulating plate on the discharge mechanism, which is electrically connected to the control board, so that the regulating plate they can be automatically controlled according to the specifications of different aluminum profiles required to change the shape or size of the extrusion hole to meet the production requirements of aluminum profiles.



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